Deputy Director - Operations & Maintenance

South Platte Water Renewal Partners
Englewood, CO

Responsible for driving overall South Platte Water Renewal Partners (SPWRP) success through the administration of the Operations & Maintenance Division and serves as part of the Executive Leadership Team.

The listed examples of work are not intended to be all-inclusive. They may be modified with additions, deletions, or changes as necessary.

Essential Executive Leadership Team Duties & Responsibilities

Responsible for serving as part of the Executive Leadership Team that is responsible for:

  • Developing, communicating, and aligning around organization strategy
  • Developing and communicating business case justifications to City Council and Supervisory Committee for gaining endorsement and authorization of critical activities.
  • Building and Maintaining Integrative relationships with City of Englewood and City of Littleton.
  • Driving continuous organization and business group performance improvement
  • Establishing and Maintaining integrative partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Empowering staff to innovate and produce solutions across the organization
  • Facilitating organization-wide critical competency development and training.

Essential Business Group Duties & Responsibilities 

Responsible for directing all functions of the Operations & Maintenance Division including wastewater treatment Operations, Facilities Maintenance wastewater process maintenance, bio solids hauling, O&M planning.  Each listed element to be aligned with the vision, mission and values of the City of Englewood and City of Littleton.  Supervises, coaches, and mentors the Operations and Maintenance staff in the development, implementation and administration of related programs.  Responsibilities include:

  • Building and maintaining collaborative partnerships with Engineering, Business Solutions, and Environmental Programs Divisions.
  • Attracting and selecting the best talent to meet current and future business group needs.
  • Developing, implementing, and sustaining industry best practices in wastewater operations and maintenance.
  • Evaluating, pre-planning, and communicating critical O&M project interfaces
  • Empowering staff to execute tasks and monitoring and supporting their performance
  • Providing training and competency development programs for O&M staff.
  • Developing, prioritizing, communicating, and monitoring O&M budget.  Make necessary adjustments to balance costs and risks when deviations occur.
  • Approving expenditures; maintaining records; and preparing both operational performance and financial reports. 
  • Responding to public relations issues and staff inquiries, concerns, and complaints in a timely and effective manner; responding to requests from regulatory agencies. 
  • Ensuring safety programs, policies, and procedures are understood and followed by all O&M personnel.
  • Attending and participating in professional group meetings; staying abreast of new trends and innovations related to the wastewater O&M.
  • Reviewing and approving bids within established authority limits for plant chemicals, supplies, and other contractual services.
  • Monitoring and approving equipment purchases; assisting staff in developing specifications and standard operating procedures, as necessary. 
  • Coordinating and monitoring the work of external contractors and ensure compliance with specifications and standards, for effective and safe facility operations.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

Performs other duties as assigned and required.