Water Reclamation Facility Manager

Jefferson County Commission
Birmingham, Alabama

**All applications must be submitted at www.JobsQuest.org to be considered for employment. ** 

  • Application Deadline: Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Direct Link to Application: https://pbjcal.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/JobsQuest/job/Merit-System/Water-Reclamation-Facility-Manager_R0001796
  • Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Manager Salary Range: $63,835.20 - $99,028.80

The Jefferson County Environmental Services Department (JCESD) is an award-winning water resource recovery agency that collects and treats wastewater for the Birmingham, Alabama metropolitan area. The JCESD serves a customer base of approximately 600,000 residents within a 443 square mile service area. JCSED is committed to protecting the environment and providing our customers high-quality, effective and efficient wastewater services.


The new Water Reclamation Facility Manager will lead plant personnel and coordinate day-to-day operations at the WRF facility; assuring the facility remains in compliance with state and federal effluent limits, and staff and facilities are operated in an efficient manner. The new Water Reclamation Facility Manager will review data collected by each shift; make process control changes in treatment as necessary; inspect the plant daily to monitor equipment and employees; and direct the work of the plant supervisor, shift supervisors, and maintenance crews.

The new Water Reclamation Facility Manager will record flows, process changes, effluent quality, and other necessary operational data from the plant; compute the amount of sludge and sewage treated; prepare required reports for the state; develop and monitor facility budgets; assign tasks and issue work orders for mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation maintenance and upgrades; plan and incorporate changes in procedures and techniques to comply with new or revised state and federal regulatory limits; incorporate new technologies available for treatment into plant operations; coordinate plans for future expansions; and other duties as assigned.

Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Managers are responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and adjusting Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) operations. Employees in this job class are responsible for supervising and training subordinate staff, preparing and monitoring departmental budgets, and communicating verbally and in writing with various federal, state, and local agencies.  Work is performed indoors and outdoors. Work exposes employees to potential biological and toxic chemical hazards, such as found in sewage and disinfecting chemicals, such as chlorine and sulfur dioxide on a daily basis. Work also exposes employees to potential mechanical, electrical and physical hazards (falling, drowning, confined spaces, etc.) when inspecting mechanical equipment at wastewater treatment plant and lift stations.


Typical Job Duties:

  • Monitors, evaluates and adjusts WWTP operations to ensure compliance with federal guidelines within the state permit.
  • Performs detailed inspections of the flow and the operating equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  • Supervises and trains subordinates involved in a variety of WWTP operations by assigning and delegating job duties, scheduling employees, and reviewing performance to ensure compliance with federal guidelines within the state permit.
  • Prepares annual budget for the WWTP by making budgeting requests, recommendations, and acquisitions for submission to the county commission in order to ensure that all resources for various plant operations are maintained.
  • Communicates verbally and in writing with various federal, state, and local agencies, departmental staff and contractors to ensure compliance with federal guidelines within the state permit.


  • Leadership & Management.
  • Planning & Organizing.
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making.
  • Training & Facilitation.
  • Small Tool & Equipment Use.
  • Self Management & Initiative.
  • Mathematical & Statistical Skills.
  • Adaptability & Flexibility.
  • Physical Abilities.
  • Written Communication & Comprehension.
  • Heavy Equipment & Vehicle Use.
  • Computer & Technology Operations.


Critical Technical Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the design and operation of industrial and public wastewater treatment facilities. 
  • Knowledge of budgetary principles and procedures, and encumbrances/expenditures such as revenues, expenditures, and appropriations involved in establishing and maintaining budgets. 
  • Knowledge of the rules and standards governing the operation of a wastewater treatment plant. 
  • Knowledge of the Federal standards regulating the maintenance of wastewater treatment plant log books, operational log books, personnel logs, and maintenance records. 
  • Knowledge of the principles of electricity; such as, units (e.g., amps, ohms, watts, volts), current flow, circuit, lock-out/tag-out, horsepower, SCADA systems, generators, transformers, and electrical controls. 
  • Knowledge of wastewater treatment plant processes (e.g., disinfection, anaerobic digestion, filtering, sludge processes, hydraulic principles). 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Driver's license;
  • An active Wastewater Class IV ADEM Certification;
  • Experience supervising, training, assigning, and reviewing the performance of subordinates in a wastewater setting; and
  • Experience managing or assisting in managing a Class III or Class IV wastewater treatment facility to include various activities (i.e., certifying or verifying the accuracy of regulatory reports, preparing and managing a budget, setting control parameters for treatment processes, developing standard operating procedures, making purchasing decisions, developing maintenance plans and being responsible for meeting NPDES permit requirements).


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience preparing and managing a departmental budget; and
  • Experience making purchasing decisions.