Sampling and Data Quality Coordinator

Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
Denver, CO
SALARY: $69,638.40 - $100,963.20
CLOSE DATE: 03/26/2020 05:00 PM

Responsible for the scheduling, tracking and setting field quality assurance and control required for the District's sampling for permits for state and federal regulations. Coordinates with regulatory compliance, operations department, transmission department, analytical services, and industrial pretreatment personnel on a routine basis regarding all aspects of the compliance monitoring activities. Reports primarily to the Industrial Pretreatment Program Administrator (IPPA) in conjunction with the Regulatory Compliance Officer.
  1. Lead the development and ongoing maintenance of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) for compliance monitoring activities for Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs), Industrial Pretreatment Authority Monitoring, Industrial Pretreatment Local Limits, unusual observation sampling, Hauled Waste, Residential and Commercial Sampling, Industrial Pretreatment Self-Monitoring submittals and for other special studies or projects as needed.
  2. Participate in sampling events as part of the field quality assurance (QA) program and to provide training and other technical assistance as needed.
  3. Provide technical direction and information to District staff to ensure that the District's compliance sampling program meets all requirements specified in federal and state regulations and the requirements included in the District's CDPS permits.
  4. Work with IPP and RCS staff to ensure that site specific sampling protocols, Chain-of-Custody, QC, equipment cleaning and calibration, field log sheets and other supporting documents are developed and implemented for all DMR, biosolids and Industrial Pretreatment-related compliance monitoring.
  5. Coordinate with the Industrial Pretreatment Program Administrator (IPPA), the IPPTL, Industrial Pretreatment Program Supervisor (IPPS) positions and other staff as necessary to support IPP evaluation of analytical results from IPP permitted facility self-monitoring, District Authority monitoring, Hauled Waste monitoring, facility characterization monitoring, unusual observation monitoring and monitoring from special studies or investigations; identify analyze levels and/or discharges of concern and assist with monitoring-related follow-up activities as needed.
  6. Prepare compliance monitoring-related documentation and necessary supporting information as directed by the RCO in support of new and renewed environmental permit applications and for amendment of existing permits.
  7. Provide NPDES sample collection and handling and field QC subject matter expertise to support the development and administration of training programs for Metro District staff. Responsibilities under this item may vary and may encompass activities ranging from the provision of knowledge and information, support or lead in development of training materials and support or lead in presenting training.
  8. May provide presentations and testimony to regulatory commissions, government agencies, and stakeholder groups.
  9. Performs other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor's degree or advanced degree in chemistry, environmental, chemical or civil engineering or other directly-related scientific or engineering discipline and a minimum of three  years of direct experience with compliance and/or enforcement work under the federal and/or state Industrial Pretreatment regulations and/or NPDES under the Clean Water Act (CWA) that includes the collection and reporting or regulatory evaluation of NPDES regulatory compliance samples for industrial or wastewater treatment facilities. Experience with and a strong working knowledge of manual and composite sample collection methods and equipment including automatic samplers, open-channel and closed-pipe flow measurement and recording equipment and the use of monitoring manholes.  Experience with the development and implementation of Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) documents and working knowledge of field quality control (QC) samples. Expert-level knowledge of proper sample collection, handling and storage in accordance with 40 CFR 136 and a familiarity with analytical methods under 40 CFR 136. The ability to meet deadlines, to plan and coordinate work, and to write complete and accurate reports. Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Strong mathematical and data analysis skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with people of varying backgrounds, knowledge and experience. 
Equivalency equals two years of the above related professional experience for every year of education not completed. The stated experience requirement is in addition to any experience used to meet the education equivalency. For this position, in addition to the required three years of experience with compliance and/or enforcement work equivalency would be an Associate's Degree in Science plus seven years of directly related professional experience or 11 years of directly related professional experience without a degree.
Desired Qualifications
Expert-level knowledge of automated sampling equipment cleaning, programming and operation.  Expert-level knowledge of open channel and closed-pipe flow measurement and recording equipment. Expert-level knowledge of QAPP development and implementation. Experience with confined-space requirements. Experience developing and implementing service area-wide and site-specific technically-based local limits.