Laboratory Analyst II

City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services
Portland, OR


This Laboratory Analyst II is responsible for conducting a wide variety of environmental analyses on water, wastewater, and solid samples and collecting and transporting samples as needed.  This position may also perform sample receiving duties including interacting with internal and external customers and peers. Qualified candidates will have knowledge of: laboratory methodology as applicable to chemical and microbiological analysis; principles of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, environmental sciences, biology, microbiology and/or other related scientific fields; good laboratory practices, including quality assurance and quality control; standard computer programs and software used to perform data analysis; mathematics; statistical analysis; laboratory and hazardous chemical safety techniques; operation and maintenance of laboratory instruments and equipment; principles of laboratory ethics as applied to the production of valid analytical data.



Applicants must specifically address and demonstrate in their supplemental question responses and resume how their education, training and/or experience, meets each of the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Knowledge of Standard Methods and US EPA chemical and microbiology protocols for the analysis of environmental samples.
  2. Knowledge of general chemistry and microbiology and the principles of quality assurance/quality control for environmental analysis.
  3. Ability to perform analytical techniques and operate scientific instruments for analyses such as pH; E. coli; total, dissolved, suspended, and volatile solids; alkalinity; cyanide analysis; biochemical oxygen demand (BOD); etc.
  4. Ability to work in a fast-paced, team setting.
  5. Knowledge and experience applying laboratory safety procedures and the ability to recognize and control chemical and biological hazards involved in laboratory operations.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • A valid state driver's license and an acceptable driving record at the time of hire.
  • Knowledge of NELAC/ORELAP standards and requirements.