Business Systems Analyst

City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services
Portland, OR

The Position:

The Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) is hiring a Business System Analyst to support a new Stormwater Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment program in Stormwater System Planning. This new program (Stormwater AICA) is tasked with coordinating the collection and evaluation of existing and new stormwater asset information.
BES is committed to using an asset management approach for all of its natural and built infrastructure systems. Stormwater System Planning (SWSP) is a program that applies an asset management approach, citywide, to all stormwater infrastructure assets. This program quantifies and evaluates risk across the entire public and private stormwater system, including constructed as well as natural assets, in a cost effective and socially and environmentally equitable manner.

Salary is $5,595 - $7,46 monthly
Major Job Duties

  1. Data Collection Protocol and Tool Development: Develop the stormwater system asset inventory and condition assessment field data collection protocol. This position, in collaboration with the Program Manager and select Bureau staff, will develop the electronic field data collection protocol. This position is expected to develop and test electronic data collection tools for field crews to collect the necessary data.
  2. Data Quality Control and Quality Assessment: As the field data is collected, this position is expected to review the incoming data for completeness and accuracy and ready it for inclusion into a database for access by Bureau staff.
  3. Database Development: The collected field data will be stored in an existing or new database for use by the Risk Assessment work and across the Bureau by several groups. This position will work with stakeholders to modify existing asset management software to store collected data or develop new databases if needed.
  4. Coordination and Collaboration: Collaborate with other bureaus, units, divisions, group management and staff to plan, organize and direct resources to complete tasks that support the Stormwater AICA program and data needs across the Bureau.
  5. GIS Analysis: Collaborate and support the Risk Assessment work by providing needed GIS analysis and mapping support.
  6. Bureau Wide Database Planning: Participate and collaborate with other Senior BSAs and BSAs in the Bureau as new databases are developed to store data and integrate new data into existing databases. 


The following minimum qualifications are required for this position:
  1. Knowledge of principles and methods of systems analysis, including business process and entity relationship analysis tools and methods.
  2. Knowledge and experience with database theory, design rules and development practices, including data modeling and data flow.
  3. Ability to balance responsibilities for multiple projects to ensure timely results in accordance with bureau quality standards.
  4. Ability and experience diagnosing and resolving complex systems analysis problems; evaluating alternatives and making sound independent decisions within established guidelines.
  5. Ability to prepare clear, concise and accurate documentation, reports of work performed, project management reports and other written materials.
  6. Ability to translate between customers and information systems professionals to ensure all parties understand, in their own terms, systems' needs, requirements and technology parameters and constraints.

Why work at the City of Portland?
The City of Portland is committed to offering medical, dental, vision, basic life, and long-term disability coverage that provides quality care, support and value to eligible employees and their family members. Additional benefits such as flexible spending accounts, supplemental life insurance and employee assistance program coverage is available to ensure employees have the appropriate tools to safeguard themselves and their family.